We Indians are one of the most tolerant nations which allow all religions to practice peacefully and we all live together under one big roof.
Is this a compliment? Or is it time to relook at the real meaning of this identity.

Today my husband and me were out on a walk and came across some people who were felling a tree. My husband the impulsive doer, went and questioned the people who were doing it and also took their photos on his phone. The workers called the guy who had given them the orders and made him speak to my husband. We just needed to know, if it was illegal or they had paper proof of cutting two huge trees.

We continued to investigate about it, when we were stopped by 2 guys on the bike, out of which one of whom was very angry and agitated. My husband asked him who he was and he just said, you come with us and was almost going to pick my husband up. In a few seconds the scene became very rowdy and he was abusing my husband as to what business he had to question him.

The scene was bad and if I was not there, probably it would have ruffled in a hand fight. In the word exchange, the guy who stopped us made a very passing comment- "who are you a great desh bhakt!"
The episode ended after some talks to higher ups in the loop but has left me very disturbed.

Why do we educated Indians not stand for any cause? Why is that we want to the perfect husband/wife/  father/mother/  son/ daughter/ administrator and in the bargain not be any of them? In the process of being perfect in every role we take up, we are scared to stand for the things that are right. What is it that is real ? In maintaining relations and in showing our very good profile to every one, are we not forgetting to look at what is right?

Either there are heroes in the society, who according to everyone can do no wrong, or on the other hand there are those who just want to make the maximum of what they have and not once stop and think if what we are doing to right.  The Heroes are the most dangerous I feel. They make it known to others that they are perfect and from within stand for nothing. People look up to them and when the need to perform comes, the hollowness is revealed- but by then it is too late.

I am a huge die hard fan of my country and haves always have loved my country. Even when i went to the US it was with the sole reason to see the world and was never difficult to make the decision to come back. But today when I see the India I am in , I am ashamed. I am not even looking up to the politicians or bureaucrats. I am looking at the simple people whom I deal with and interact with on a daily basis. If even half of them awaken and introspect before doing things, this huge nation can make so much of a difference.

Do we wonder where the trees are going? Do we wonder where the rivers are drying up . Do we wonder what vegetables we are eating? Do we wonder, how birds are going extinct? Do we wonder how we see more snakes, peacocks in the neighbourhood today? Not because you are living close to the forest, but because you are living in an apartment, where once there was a forest. Migratory birds now no longer visit the lakes they used to, because of water pollution. The vegetables are filled with pesticides, to make sure there is maximum profit in the land that is being ploughed. Plastic is being rampantly used and thrown. Do we realise it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose? Diapers and sanitary napkins cannot be completed decomposed and give out toxic fumes on burning. Is there an awareness when we use it?

We just forward the messages, which we get from one whatsppp group on to another and try to put up a face of how aware we are. ARE WE??? Even after all those messages, does the thinking in us change?

Its high time we do it. Else it will be a tsunami or a tornado or a cloud burst that will end us all and we will have nothing to give to our next generations, Teach your children to question and give them genuine answers and if they put you to shame, act on it .

Who is all pervasive, all inclusive, takes everyone as equal, doesn't change his form whoever comes to him, gives back the same to everyone- isnt that supposed to be god?? I think nature is gods best creation who stands by all gods characteristics. Why dont we respect it? Why dont we do something more for it. Lets teach the next generation to respect what our elders didnt do and what we are not doing.

There will be no pollination if you continue to burn the bees who trouble you. There will be no oxygen if you continue to build more sky scrappers by cutting trees. There will be no drinking water if we continue to pollute the rivers. Stop- Act and Speak out when you know something wrong is being done.

Feb1st 2015


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