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Summer Vacation 2019- Kudawale

Last year one of the highlights of our vacation was our visit to Kudawale and spending 2 days with environmentalist Dileep Kulkarni and Poornima Tai. It was an impromptu decision that worked our way beautifully. This year we wanted to plan it and make it as beautiful! We were planning to go in April , but finally made it on 8th June the last weekend before school started.

Kaka always uses public transport and has never owned a vehicle in his life. To even get an inch closer to that feeling, we thought of making the trip to Kudawle in public transport. The option was to catch a 5.30 morning bus from Swargate to Mangaon, then from Mangaon to Mandangad –bus number 2, and from Mandangad to Kudawale – bus number 3.
The heat was unbearable through the day and without a lot of deliberation on buses 1,2,3, we again compromised on the fact that we are not ready for this adventure yet and decided to drive down. So 8th morning we were ready loading the car at 6.05 am. It was a 5 hour drive to Kuda…

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