In this fast paced world of today, I think this is the only line that makes absolute sense. Education teaches you one, knowledge questions exactly that and wisdom overrides both and lets you chose. 
I ran my second marathon yesterday- 5 k. My daughter ran her first 3 k and my husband ran 10 k for the first time. We did our bests , enjoyed, and ran beyond ourselves, felt accomplished and since we ran with a group of society members , there was a huge sense of camaraderie. 
Overall this whole experience of 'running' though a fad now, is chosen by many for health benefits. As a consequence if you feel young, get into shape, feel happy and also help some cause , it definitely seems like a win win situation; something you would like to be part of. 
So through this whole experience what all did we gain? 
- We got 3 t shirts- more to the list of already many 
- We got 3 goody bags- bags are always welcome, as are wants! 
- We got some gift vouchers  - those that make you spend more. 
- We all collected 3 medals - that cajoles your sense of achievement 
- Loads of ego boosting photos- 'Finisher' , " Champion ' , " I did it '! 

But also, as I ran, and then drove past that road , I noticed 1000s of platic water bottles thrown on the roads. 1000s of tetrapack juice boxes on the ground all over. We had breakfast there in paper plates and plastic spoons, meaning atleast 12,000 odd of them consumed and generated as waste. Charity causes get a small portion of the ticket money if you run for a cause, else it is mostly joint publicity. 

So keeping all the accomplishments on the table, I still didnt feel all that great.... 
This morning, I had a kathak performance at a Cancer and Aids Foundation, where we a group of 5 girls with our Guru performed in front of terminally ill patients. I must have performed in all for 7 minutes. But the smiles and claps I received from a group of 25 people touched my soul somewhere really deep. The feeling that was missing yesterday, seemed to have filled in beyond limits today. 

Was it a feeling that I brought a smile to someone's face, or made someone forget that, that he/ she may not see tomorrows sunshine; make me more accomplished????

Or was it trying to increase the fun filled breaths in someones life more meaningful than trying to increase a couple of years of my own life???

Being extremely thankful for what I already have and having the energy and choice to do what I think and feel is right, I made my choice today. 

In the remaining marathon of my life, I will continue to run towards the truth and reality of giving and run away from just the gaining and consuming of things. 

Again there is no right or wrong.. only consequences. I just like the consequence that makes me happier ! ! ! 


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