A visit to my friend!

I have known him as a caretaker, entertainer and giver. I have found solace in him, at various stages of my life. There's always been fun and reflection. He has the power to take away whatever burden you brought along with you , all you had to do is to concede in him.

I grew up with him, but didn't  think much about him like the numerous things we take for granted as kids. Anytime we had visitors, we planned an evening with him. We used to have so much of fun! He just let us be and made us unwind. Elders also became one of us. It was a strange unifying feeling. 
Like most entertainers, he never discriminated. Color, language, education, family background, knowledge, they all meant nothing to him. His breath bought one and all together. 

He had a path he followed and you could visit him anywhere along that path. On one such new location, I visited him this summer with my family. My parents, sister, my niece, my daughter and me. Location - Kapu, a city in South Kanara district, State Karnataka. 

Appa's friend had built a beautiful architectural structure where we stayed for the night, which had all the 5 star amenities to the tee. The kids were excited- the bed was high, there was a huge mirror, hot water was available, there was a unique bell and to top it all there was AC in the room!  Perfect summer vacation abode. 

But I stood there staring at my friend whom I had known for a very long time but who appeared so different today. There was little silence, and a lot of music. There was no orchestrated opera, but entertainment with both dance and drama. Awestruck by him, we maintained a distance. But the kids couldn't wait. At around 5.30pm we went to visit him. He was so energetic that as we moved closer to him, we moved closer to each other. It was a magnetic effect. My daughter held my hand, my niece her hand, my sister my niece's hand and my father my sisters hand. He bonded us through the thread of care and concern. 

Kids were on their annual holiday to visit the beach. But he seemed like the 'ocean' today. The waves that lapped our legs usually, today lashed our faces!

It was full moon day. The day the soul mates met after a month. 
The ocean and the moon. 
He could no longer carry alone all the burden that people left with him, and wanted to talk his heart out to her! There was heartbreak ,there was loneliness, there was remorse, there was anger, there was ego, there was jealously, there was death .. All he had to share with her, all he had to cleanse himself off! 

But she wasn't to be seen. The damn clouds hid her from him. She tried with all the power she had . He roared, cried and was furious from here. The night saw thunder, lightening and all illuminated magic. They both orchestrated a big bang from either ends. The ocean grew his chest open. The waves were a size I had to look upto.  One could feel the agony of both of them yearning to meet and be in each others arms; but today the world around just didn't seem to want them together. 

I had a disturbed sleep with all the anguish going on outside. Morning I woke up to a still disturbed ocean. I walked by him, just to be there ..like the upteem tiimes he has been there for me. 
I hoped he calmed down soon, I hoped he became approachable soon, I hoped he could be just the beach soon ! 

Before I left, one last time I looked at him. A thought just went past; was he actually any different, or was it just me!


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