The school reunion

Todays technology- whatsapp is a boon in being able to connect with people. But no group till date have I felt so connected to. 18th April 2015 one of the enterprising guys starts up this group and slowly we start meeting all our old friends/ foes/ crushes/ competitors.. but all in a different perspective. We passed our 10th in 1993. So some people we were touching base with after 22 years. Why was this group special??I think because it was the longest association we had with friends ever. Some of us spent 12 years together in school and it was through a stage in life, where you were the real you !

We grew up knowing each of us in our real elements and have touched each others lives in so many ways.
Some you remember for the craziest thing they have done, some for the kindest and and some for the life changing ones. Everyone of us has a story with atleast 10 others in the group . We started rekindling all of them. Be it the love letters that were written, the ones that were caught, the ones that didnt,  or the ones that were not written only :) We grew up in a time where girls and guys didnt interact much, but still we had so much to gossip about!

Suddenly the feeling of going back to who you actually are was so strong and magnetic that it made every one of us happy to be part of the group. The gap of 22 years was filled with a lot of experiences for each one of us. But all the individual conversations I had, was just like picking up from where we left off years ago. They say that the child in you actually doesnt change, we just act mature for the society. And we could see that actually happening. In the group the captain was back in action, the carnatic singers were talking about the competitions they had, the basket ball team had its share of stories... Eveything was right there... but we had all moved on.

Childhood is the best time of ones life- but when you are in it, you are in such a hurry to grow up and then you realise there is no going back !  Each of us today is leading our destiny, but a part of that destiny has some foundation with all our school friends who made a difference in our lives. Thank you all!


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