The mind clash!

Sometimes we look at life from someone else's eyes and have our own eyes shut. Does this happen often and rarely recognised by us?
There is no problem if the two points of view are on the same lines or compliment each other. But the issue comes up when there are conflicting ideas and the mind starts to move from one end of see-saw to the other. In the process the mind is also going through all that life offered in that see-saw. So in reality it could be a downward trend or an upward one based on the point of view.
Is it a question of confidence in one self? Or is it a downfall of an open minded outlook where you end up evaluating every opposing thought process also; just to see if we can learn or improve from that. Either which way thoughts should be moving towards a more positive side, thats when life would be more fulfilling.
What are the ways to get over such a situation. More often that not we tend to say "keep yourself busy and things will get better!" I think this is a very basic way to forget the thoughts, but certainly not a way to overcome it. What then should be the way out. One should battle the pros and cons down to see which wins and stand with the point of view that wins. Now this is not possible with shut eyes. So lets first wake up!
Go over all the facts, and incidents what came your way through the see-saw. If there was anything wrong in it, accept it. When you come up to the point where you life is now, then evaluate which of the two points of view will help you go forward positively in your future life. Take that one!
Not everything or everyone is perfect. It takes a lot to accept the imperfections and still move on perfectly with life. But if you are able to do it, life will be great fun to live!


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